CB Universe

CB UNIVERSE OFFERS A UNIQUE WAY FOR MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC, WHEREVER THEY ARE IN THE WORLD, TO LEGALLY SPECULATE ON CURRENCY PRICE SWINGS AND VOLATILITY. Customers make fast, simple date vs. price bets against each other without the costs and risk of buying any digital or fiat currencies and no wallet or existing currency holdings are required. CB Universe will be a regulated betting firm and is safely and legally connected to international and domestic banking services, so customers’ stakes and winnings are easily transferred to and from their own bank accounts. 

The CB Universe P2P Betting Exchange gives the user the possibility to act as a Private Bookmaker (“Bookie”) or a Backer which means the user can both lay (sell) and back (buy) an outcome. Unlike spreadbetting, CFDs and digital currency exchanges, CB Universe offers leverage-free P2P betting in a safe and fun way.

C2 Capital is creating a web and mobile digital and fiat currency P2P betting exchange with best-in-class trading technology that provides a secure and transparent platform for P2P trading of bets on:

  • Currency price movements
  • Fiat and Digital currency pairs
  • Fiat and Digital currency indices

With CB Universe eX there are (1) no margin calls (2) no ETF fees (3) no leverage.  This means there are no limits or magnified losses (the big problem with spread-betting).

Website under development.